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Long times...

Hello all.

Much time has passed since the last time I posted. I am now married and putting an offer in on a house tomorrow. Currently Matt is playing World of Warcraft while trying to watch some show on the History Channel about the history of the USA. Since he is monopolizing the tv I figure I might as well log on here for the first time in 3 years and write something...although I really have nothing to write about.

I was chosen for jury duty next month and I have to call in on Friday to see when I need to report there. I never registered to vote specifically because I did not want to be chosen for jury duty. And look what happened. Fricken jury duty. Maybe my anxiety will shine through when they interview me and they won't want me on any jury anyway. That is what I'm hoping for.

I remember when this existed before any of the other social networking sites. This one is so much better because it's all about typing out your feelings and events of the day...not writing silly comments and looking at other people's pictures.

Well hopefully I'll write on here again soon. It would be fun to get back into it.

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