amis58 (amis58) wrote,

The Villages

Today I went to the greatest retirement place ever...The Villages. I've gone a few times before and I think I like it better each time. I never really figured out what I like about it. I mean, it's a huge (60,000 people) town where everyone has to be over 55 years old. You see golf carts whizzing past you in every direction along with seniors on bicycles and in fun convertibles. They have 'normal' stores and restaurants but everyone in them is older. Definitely not a place I would normally think I would enjoy, certainly not a place I would fit in. So I never knew why I like it there so much. Today I had this great epiphany; the reason it seems like such a wonderful place is that everyone there is happy. Everywhere you turn you see smiles, people socializing, dancing, eating, walking, golfing, etc. It's like an adult Disney World. It cheers me up to see so many happy people. I keep trying to convince my parents to move there...but to no avail. I almost can't wait until I'm older so that I too can live there. I guess I have to work for a while first before I can make the money necessary to retire with...but those are just details. Until then I can dream about someday living in the happiest place on earth...The Villages!!
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