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Home Sweet Home!

Home home home! I get to go home! As much as a shun the North Shore, I still miss it sometimes. The last time I got to really go home was in May, so I would definitely say it's time to go back! When I asked Marilyn if I could stay with her she got really excited that she would have someone to spend Thanksgiving with. She's going to cook a fantastic dinner (she already told me the menu) and it includes jello, which makes it all the more amazing ;o) I'm looking forward to playing with her new kitten, Cassie, too. I love animals...just as long as they leave my Owen alone!! I'll be able to sleep late, catch up on my magazine reading, and work on my 'special project'. I have tentative plans with Kristen on friday to go to dinner and possibly out with her for her birthday...the big 26! I finally get to meet her friend Heather, whom I've heard so much about. I hope we go's been a while since I've gone down there. Also on Friday night, Heather is going to be at Woodland's Academy (where she teaches) drinking beer in the closed dorms with her friend and co-teacher who happens to live in these dorms. I've never been to a party in a boarding school I wouldn't mind long as I can somehow do that AND hang out with Kristen. Oy vay. Not only that, but V. will be there...and I literally haven't seen her since high school graduation. Hmmmm. I am bad at planning. I told Laura that I was going to be home this weekend, but she already had plans to go see her parents in Door County. She said she might try and come home for a day or two to see me. We'll see what happens. I really want to go to Sephora at Northbrook Court since they don't have those in Iowa...and Joy Yee's Noodle House so that I can get my amazing mango-tapioca smoothie. I woudn't mind stopping by Upper Crust Bagels to get some authentic Jewish Bagels...sundried tomato, of course! Man, I do miss home. I get to see Jen on my way through Iowa City. Luckily they are letting us leave work at 12:30 on Wednesday (yes, we are getting paid for 8 hours) which means I will have almost the entire afternoon and evening to spend with Jen and Liz. Liz has to leave her condo around 9am on thurs. in order to be home in time for her family's Thanksgiving, which means I'll be leaving then too. That will bring me into Lake Bluff around 1...just in time for dinner!!!

Ok, this was a rambling journal entry. I blame it on my excitement.
For the record, I didn't eat dinner tonight. Are you happy?
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