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you know, i think my parents forgot about me. i called them a while ago and my mom said she'd call me back in 5 minutes and she did not call me back. wow, i'm so forgetful, even my parents forget. that is pretty sad. yesterday my mom told me that she was writing an email on her excite account when they booted her off and erased the email since she had been on for so long. i asked her how long the email was and she said only the equivalent of one page. how can it take so long for someone to write an email? i swear, it takes my mom twice as long as anybody else to do anything. oh, now they call! sheesh!

i just cleaned my apartment from top to bottom. even my shower. i hate cleaning showers. so now i get to sit here and enjoy the cleanliness. that is seriously the best feeling ever. although i seem to have gotten some sort of cleaner in my cuticle and is swelling up now. i might have to use my neosporin that expired last month.

i bought a jade plant! i cleaned off my desk and took off my old keyboard and mouse and put my jade plant there along with a few picture frames and stuffed animals. it looks so good now. i am way excited for it. i think jade plants are the cutest things ever. my mom used to have one in deerfield and i loved it. it used to be in their window in their bedroom and it was great. i'm sure they threw it out along with most of the other plants they had. i hate that my parents moved out of deerfield and sold our house only to have it torn down. i will never forgive them for that.

now my mom is talking talking talking...about random things...and i am getting tired. this may actually be good, i will be exhausted enough to go to sleep soon.

i need to buy a coffee table. i want it to be black so that it matches my tv stand, the piano, the bookcases, the futon, and the speakers. i will be so color coordinated.

tomorrow i head up north the ames. way excited to see matt and watch the nacho movie. i love matt. i haven't seen him in a day and i miss him. yes, i am a sap.

there are so many movies coming out. i remember when only two or three came out each week, now there are about a million. funny how things change. it's too bad that the movie companies chose quantity over quality. such is life.

i'll stop boring you all. have a good night.
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ah hem! Speaking of FORGETFUL!! (me for Lj,) BUUTT i was referringto MY JADE PlANT! psh. I see where we rate.

uhm. how was the nacho movie? you didnt tell me you saw it. I see how you are. If it'scold sunday we should hit up thematinee of marie antoinette

go to target they have black coffee tables.