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Isn't it funny to read through my journals and see all my different emotions? I go from being so unhappy to so happy. Lately I seem to have things in the extremes, unlike usual when I am just content with everything.

This past weekend was so much fun. I had the best time. I got to spend almost the entire time with Matt, so obviously it was a great time :o) I can't wait until next weekend. We changed the clocks back an hour so now it's light when I leave for work, but dark when I leave work. I don't know which I like less. I used to think I didn't like driving to work in the dark, but now when I leave at night it feels so late, even if it really isn't. Hmmm, I'll just blame it all on winter.

Sooo...i have a lot more to talk about but i need to get ready for bed. Peace Out, yo!
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